Sauce Filling for Bottles and Pouches
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We have a completely automated filling line. Our equipment includes a 1000 liter Walker steam kettle with 3 zones for smaller batch sizes.  Our Unifiller has precision accuracy so that the fill is exactly what is required with each fill, resulting in no over fills, maximizing the yield and reducing costs. We can fill  round bottles with viscosity of water to thick paste. We are certified by Fraser Health and cleanness procedures are followed with strict details. We are also registered with FDA and can arrange your US shipments. 

Having used co-packers in the past, I understand the frustration of long waits for getting product made.  If you have rush orders that need to get out ASAP, we can run a double shift to meet your deadlines. We can help you expand your business by providing the labour, equipment, facility and know-how to customize, formulate or completely assemble the best packaging and recipe for your product.
Please contact us regarding any of the above services. The best ingredient for a successful partnership between a co-packer and an entrepreneur is trust. Both of us are interested in a profitable venture and achieving this goal means working together to do the best job possible.

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