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About Howard's Foods Co-Packing
We are the proud manufacturer of the "Famous" line of sauces and marinades. We are now processing our fine products out of our new plant in Burnaby, B.C. In addition to making our own sauces, we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include co-packing and private labeling. We have installed an extremely efficient, automated bottling line inclusive of a 1000 liter and 200 liter (for smaller batches) cooking kettles along with various supplementary kitchen equipment to accommodate various co-packing needs. All designed to produce a high quality food product from your recipe or idea in a timely manner and a profitable bottom line.

If you already have a food product (and for various reasons are unhappy with your existing manufacturer or process) or have an unique idea for a food product that you want to develop, our co-packing services are ideal for any special recipe that you would like to produce and sell – and is particularly ideal for individuals or businesses new to the food industry. 

We have a knowledgeable staff that will formulate your recipe to ensure that it meets food safety guidelines and your quality and flavour expectations. Expertise to increase your market exposure and all branding issues are available, also. Once you have a product that you are satisfied with, we can produce it for you and our experience with processing will allow you to fill orders sooner.

We can help you expand your business by providing the labour, equipment, facility and know-how to customize, formulate or completely assemble the best packaging and recipe for your product. We will develop a winning strategy that can accurately predict costs and reduce investments allowing you to concentrate on other areas that need attention.

The best ingredient for a successful partnership between a co-packer and an entrepreneur is trust. Both of us are interested in a profitable venture and achieving this goal means working together to do the best job possible.

Whether it's a secret family recipe or long existing product, consider becoming a Howard’s Foods co-packer customer. We are here to help in any way that we can to achieve success with your product…

Howard McMahon
President / CEO
Sales and Marketing

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